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I saw people all over wearing Franklin & Marshall letter jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, and more. How could it possibly be that there were so many people from such a small school all in Paris at the same time?! Then, at orientation, we heard the story of the company and their success, due to the demand for clothing emblazoned with school names among French students. They don’t have tons of apparel sporting “La Sorbonne” or “L’Institut Catholique”, and this American style is “cool.” As you wander through stores, you will see all sorts of clothes with names of American places like Brooklyn, New York, or Los Angeles printed across the front.Then, of course, there is the import of American brands. Some, like Carhartt, even have exclusive European branches that offer a different selection of products to European customers. But don’t expect American prices; these things are jacked up, I would assume partly due to import prices, and partly just because they can.It is a unique opportunity for American companies to make a.Aliexpressite foray into new markets, but it definitely makes shopping for unique clothes a little more difficult. It’s not even worth it to shop at many of the stores, because I can either get the same thing at home, or I can find it for cheaper at a little market. But hey, those little flea markets and neighborhood sales are one of the best parts of Paris.So if you’re coming to Paris sometime soon, be sure to pack your tight-fitting letter jacket, teamschool t-shirts, Levi’s, Chuck’s, and Beats by Dre and you’ll be sure to fit in perfectly with all of the locals! Until now, listening to the signature Beats sound was a solo activity. But now you can share it with your friends. Introducing Beatbox. Beatbox unleashes the driving bass, lush midrange, and soaring highs of a multi-speaker club system in one amazingly compact and portable box. Plus, it nails the energy of hip hop, the dynamics of rock, the delicate detail of jazz, even the intricate texture of a symp.ite soccer ony. So, share your music. It’s time. forth. In the five Rainbows, it's like the greatest free lunch in the world. It is bad, then you still got your money's worth. The Strokes, in an uncharacteristically fan-friendly gesture, have released the first single from their upcoming album, Angles, for free download for 48 hours (until Friday, basically) at thestrokes. I'm surprised that more artists don't release singles for free, as it is a low-risk way of judging interest. Besides, people would find a way to get it for free anyway.But will it be half as good as this?The Day The Music Almost Died, Part TwoThe Black Eyed Peas performed at Halftime during the Super Bowl. Long story short, it sucked. Long story long, cue wall of text.I hate the Black Eyed Peas, but I have a preference for rap and hip-hop over other genres of music, so I was surprised and pleased that a rap act, even if it is a stomach-churningly inoffensive act like the Black Eyed Peas, would.ite soccer store get to perform on such a huge stage. Rap concerts can be great fun, with more interplay between the audience and the performer(s) than usual rock bands. The stereotypical vision of a rap concert is of people reciting lyrics over pre-recorded backing tracks, but fans of the genre know that this is far from the case. Rappers can burst into freestyle rhymes at the drop of a hat; DJs can cut and distort music on the fly with precision and technique that would suggest an entire production team rather than a guy with a turntable; and it isn't uncommon for fans to be invited onstage for certain antics. In short, they can be proper concerts that are well worth your money.The Black Eyed Peas stood in place and recited words. *** them.This hasn't come up in any articles I've written yet, but I actually know a lot about dancing and choreography. I spent six semesters as part of my college's dance company troupe, getting an education in staging, timing, and everything else involving dancing (and that includes interpretive dance, ballroom dancing, and working with hip-hop choreography). The last show I performed at was seen by 4
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