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Head mounted Ray-Ban Sunglasses cutting section <a href="">Jordans Shop</a> is smooth, fit with the head and the lens frame ring should be no steps or a phenomenon, and the lens gap and head mounted at will (head mounted plastic frame joints is also a regular seamless). And imitation products can not be so careful, the installation of the head and the lens frame connection is not neat.

Ray-Ban glasses on the lettering should be composed of precision mold milling pressure, which use a magnifying glass to see, no rough sense. The imitation intaglio relatively rough, concave depth shades, the overall lack of exquisite sense.

Genuine Ray-Ban glasses metal stent connection at the bright and clean, neat, smooth, symmetrical. The imitation of the welding work is often not up to this requirement, careful observation of the <a href="">Jordans Shop</a> weld will find uneven, or solder joints rough situation.

Use the Ray-Ban Sunglasses screws are directly with glue (non slingshot type), ring buckle screws also with glue. While the general counterfeit Ray-Ban glasses are not plastic screw.

Genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses in the upper right corner of the lens printed with "Ray-Ban" Ray-Ban logo, and is printed in a circle shape. Genuine Ray-Ban glasses on the left side of the lens <a href="">Jordans Shop</a>is also printed with "RB" Ray-Ban logo (except for a single lens). If is the plastic frame sunglasses, with a white or black Ray-Ban logo lettering around the medial leg, as well as code and origin processing factory logo, such as MADE IN XXX. The fake Ray-Ban, regardless of the frame or lens LOGO logo will not be printed so full, so complete specification.

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