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ite soccer Saints 67 won't put
he Razorbacks speak with their coach, and General Manager Rich McKay confirmed that position in follow-up calls with Jones.That was followed by a series of meetings over the weekend in which Petrino laid out some areas of concern, and the Falcons thought the.Aliexpressite ey had addressed them all. In fact, Blank said he met again with the coach on Monday, just hours before Atlanta's 34-14 loss to the New Orleans Saints, to make sure he wasn't planning to leave.“He.ite soccer stood up, we shook hands and he said, 'You have a head coach,' ” Blank said.Twenty-four hours later, Petrino submitted his resignation.“The best way to describe the way we feel,” Blank said, “is bet.ite soccer store ayed.”Medical bulletins The New Orleans Saints (6-7) won't put Reggie Bush on injured reserve while they still harbor faint hopes for a playoff spot. His left knee will not require surgery but likely will require about a month of rehab. The Saints did place-kicker Olindo Mare on IR and signed Martin Gramatica. Mare dislocated his right hip making a tackle Monday night
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